Showcase Videowall, Las Vegas, NV

Arpeggio partnered with Basesix, a rapidly growing technology integrator, to create a custom mosaic-style videowall system for their corporate client’s showcase space.



Owner: Confidential Corporate Client
Contractor: Basesix
Construction Type: New
Finished Area: 5,000 sq ft

Description of Services:
The owner asked that the videowall appear to be “floating” between the lobby and central showroom, only supported by two discreet steel poles. Arpeggio designed the technology components and custom framing system to support the Basesix vision. Display mounting points required precision alignment due to the combination of landscape and portrait style displays and lack of a wall or ceiling to support the videowall’s weight. The result is a stunning first impression for patrons visiting the product showroom, with custom content welcoming them to the space.

Videowall Rear View

Rear View of Videowall

The framing design, seen exposed in the rear view while construction was in progress, also incorporates mounting points for custom millwork paneling on the back side, matching the outlined shape of the videowall. The entire design was completed in one week, fabricated in one week, and commissioned in three days.