City of Eloy – City Hall and Council Chambers, Eloy, AZ

The new City Hall houses all of the administrative functions for the City of Eloy, as well as new council chambers, community space and retail pop-ups. The primary objective of the building is to provide a facility that serves the community, reinvigorates the vitality of downtown and spurs economic growth for the future of Eloy. With a rich cultural history, it serves as the community “Living Room” in the heart of town to foster integration of a diverse demographic of economic, cultural and generational backgrounds.

Owner: City of Eloy, AZ
Construction Type: New
Construction Cost: $7.5M
Finished Area: 21,000 sq ft

The building itself plays a significant role in connecting the existing community by reaching beyond the boundaries both internally and externally; incorporating public spaces and courtyards that are welcoming for events as well as business. In addition, a multi-purpose community room and several conference rooms provide technology and Internet access to city residents, enhancing life-long learning and connection to information and resources.