Arpeggio Welcomes New Principal and Technology Practice Leader, Brian Patrick

Renowned Acoustic Consulting Firm now offers complete Audiovisual and Technology Design Services

Like all of us at Arpeggio, Brian Patrick is passionate about the science of sound and improving the experience of enjoying music, personal interactions, and aural comfort in the built environment. While he served in Principal and Director roles at other national consulting firms in the past, we would have the opportunity to collaborate with Brian on difficult acoustic and noise control issues. Over time, we realized Brian’s talents and experience perfectly complemented ours, so we asked him to join the Arpeggio team.

“I love audio and video technology. It is constantly changing and improving,” Brian says with his typical thoughtful excitement. “Over the years as building design trends evolved, the need for tailored acoustic environments has seen a revival and renewed place of importance. I decided that it was a perfect fit to align my technology practice with Arpeggio, an established firm with an outstanding track record of excellent results and a deep understanding of acoustics and noise control.”

Brian parlayed his love of good sound from his experience as a musician into earning a B.S. in Applied Physics from Georgia Tech, where his studies focused on acoustics and electronics. After starting his professional career as an acoustical consultant, Brian became attuned to the rapid adoption of audiovisual systems in commercial applications. “Early in my career, video use was exploding as technologies improved and became more affordable,” Brian recalls. “Then, AV in working and learning environments became more or less ubiquitous, even mundane. In the last decade, I’ve been passionate about designing technology systems that translate the institution’s purpose and vision into engaging experiences that lead to improved outcomes.”

Whether a project’s success is judged by the experiences it produces – such as in museums, libraries, and learning commons – or by the outcomes realized – such as the corporate ROI or increased retention or graduation rates for a university – Arpeggio is acutely aware that technology must fit into the context crafted by the larger institution. Brian excels at leading the planning and design process by demystifying technologies through a visioning approach that brings multiple stakeholders together in a productive dialogue. He also believes that understanding clients’ needs and delivering personalized design is fundamental, whether the project is big or small, high-profile or ordinary.

Over the last 20 years as a designer and consultant, Brian has led hundreds of AV implementations for a broad range of clientele, including corporate, public and private education, performing and visual arts, government, libraries, and museums. He has served on committees and as an invited guest speaker for over a dozen professional organizations including Audiovisual and Integrated Experience Assocation, Society for Information Display, Society for Marketing Professional Services, and Society for College and University Planning.

If you’d like to know more about Arpeggio’s audiovisual, communications and technology design services, reach out to Brian through our “Contact Us” page. He would love to hear from you.