HUD NAG Studies: Arpeggio Services

Arpeggio Acoustic Consulting is experienced at addressing the noise concerns of HUD, and we are adept at performing their required analyses. We offer the following services:Noise Map
NOISE ASSESSMENT GUIDELINES (NAG) STUDIES approximate the expected noise levels at representative locations on your project site per the HUD Noise Guidebook. We go a step beyond the NAG requirements and approximate the noise levels at all points on your site to give a complete picture of the noise environment.
SOUNDPLAN NOISE MAPS more accurately predict noise levels when the NAG Study shows that noise levels are unacceptable. A SoundPlan Noise Map considers the specific characteristics of your site (topography, shielding structures), and may reveal that the conservative NAG Study overestimates noise levels, 10 dBA or more. As a result, noise attenuation requirements may be reduced for portions or all of your project site, significantly reducing construction costs.
NOISE ATTENUATION PLANS address concerns when noise levels are predicted to be unacceptable. These plans guide you in improving the site’s noise environment, including recommendations for noise barriers and/or noise-attenuating construction.