Arpeggio specializes in the areas of acoustics affecting the built environment and surrounding community – Architectural Acoustics, Noise Control, and Vibration. The technology systems we design encompass audiovisual and multimedia, infrastructure, and communications technologies that enhance the way we live, work, play, learn, and socialize. These disciplines embrace many aspects of the built environment and benefit from the guidance of an experienced, independent design consultant.

 Architectural Acoustics

Also known as room acoustics, this discipline addresses the quality of desired sound within a space. Traditionally, when thinking of acoustics, concert halls and churches may come to mind. However, acoustics influences our ability to communicate and be productive in everyday spaces like classrooms and offices as well.

Arpeggio works with designers and owners to develop appropriate acoustical characteristics for the specific needs of the space—whether those needs are to enhance music in a concert hall, support speech in a lecture hall, or reduce speech intelligibility in an open office.

 Audiovisual Systems

Modern buildings and their users employ multimedia systems in numerous ways to improve our collaboration, visualization, message and brand, verbal understanding, and ability to exchange ideas locally and across the globe. The vision for these technology systems can be based on achieving specific outcomes or creating positive, daily experiences for employees, students, or visitors.

At Arpeggio, we approach every project as a unique opportunity to help the client understand what is possible, both now and in the future. Flexibility is often a driving factor for leading-edge audiovisual systems, and our innovative designs include presentation, conferencing, teaching and learning, collaboration, capture and distribution, interactive experience, studio recording, and live performance systems.

 Communications Technology

The ability to access information in professional and educational environments is critical, and the expectations for ubiquitous, reliable connections are always increasing. A robust communications infrastructure is at the heart of voice, data, and multimedia network implementations. Keeping pace with emerging technology platforms and protocols allows Arpeggio to design robust structured cabling systems that support next-generation networks. We also provide telecom and equipment room layout and coordination, wired and wireless network design, distributed antenna systems, unified communications, networked audio/video/control, and server/storage/production infrastructure design.

Noise Control

Including environmental noise, community noise, and noise control in buildings, this discipline is concerned with the generation, propagation, and reception of unwanted sound. Noise control issues arise in many different ways including mechanical systems noise within a building, community noise issues due to a nearby highway, or footfall noise within multi-family dwellings.

Arpeggio provides consulting services to avoid potential noise issues and address current problems. Our unbiased approach combined with our experience and expertise provides specific recommendations to address the noise issues.


Relating to the structural transmission of acoustic energy, this discipline concerns the physical oscillation that can occur in a building or even in the ground. Vibration issues can be accompanied by a noise or may simply be a physical sensation. Vibration control requires an understanding of the excitation source and the path by which the vibration is transmitted.

Arpeggio has the knowledge and experience to understand the intricate interaction between sound and vibration issues. Through our consulting services, we develop recommendations to avoid potential vibration problems as well as to assess current vibration issues.