Coffee High School Performing Arts Center, Douglas, GA

This new 900-seat auditorium, including a balcony, is part of a new performing arts addition at Coffee High School in Douglas, Georgia.
It is truly a multiuse venue, serving drama, band, and choral groups as well as hosting events as a venue for the rural community. The design incorporated a multi-faceted sculpted ceiling and designed sidewall features to bolster sound projection and provide diffusion, two critical traits for both spoken word and musical programs. Post-construction field measurements revealed a very low background Noise Criterion rating of NC 16 and mid-frequency reverberation times of approximately 1.4 seconds, resulting in a condition where unamplified normal speech on stage is intelligible in the balcony. Thickly upholstered seats will render acoustics within the space relatively stable and independent of occupancy.

Owner: Coffee County, GA
Construction Type: New
Construction Cost: $10.5M
Finished Area: 12,750 sq. ft.
Architect: Suttles and Associates and Lyman Davidson Dooley, Inc.
Mechanical Engineering:  Butler Engineering

Coffee HS PAC NC-16
Coffee HS PAC Reverberation Times